Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine my child's league age and corresponding division level?

You can enter you information into the Little League Age Determination Tool and then reference our local division age categories Cornwall Little League Local Programs and Divisions

How can I verify that I am within the  Cornwall Little League boundary?

You can enter your address into the Boundary Map and League Finder Tool.

Will Masks be required?

At this time masks are not required for outdoor sports.  Players are welcome to wear masks.  We will continue to follow the CDC,  state, local and Little League guidelines for safe play.

What is the Registration Fee?

The Registration fee for the regular season is $150 for one player, $260 for two players and $350 for three or more players.

Are scholarships available to cover registration fees?

Scholarships are offered for players who are in financial hardship.  Little League believes that no child should be denied the right to play.  Scholarship requests should be directed to  [email protected].

How will players and coaches be screened?

Coaches, players, and other adults will be asked to monitor symptoms closely and to stay home if they develop COVID symptoms or have a known exposure. They will be asked to follow the CDC,  state, local and Little League guidelines instructions for quarantine and testing. Confidentiality will be respected as much as possible. 

How do I volunteer as a Manager or Assistant Coach? 

Our league is 100% volunteer driven, and volunteer Managers and Coaches are extremely important in order to provide our kids with a successful season of development. We need your help. Please consider volunteering to coach this season. You will have to option to indicate your desire to volunteer as a Manager or Assistant Coach during the registration process. If you have already registered a player and wish to sign-up to volunteer later you can do so from your Account Page. 

I don’t want to manage a team or assist as a coach. Are there other ways to volunteer?  

We’ll be reliant on parent volunteers more than ever before. Incredibly important positions include Umpires, Field Maintenance staff,  and Concession Stand staff. If you have already registered a player and wish to sign-up to volunteer later you can do so from your Account Page.

Does Cornwall Little League perform Background Checks?

We do perform background checks per Little League Guidelines.   Little League® regulations require any volunteer with repetitive access to children to consent to a national criminal background check, which includes a check of the National Sex Offender Registry database.  A few weeks before the season starts we will send out the background check request to Volunteers.

I have a specific question about registration, who should I contact?

For registration questions about the Cornwall Little League, please contact: [email protected]. For general questions about the registration system, check out these FAQs: Sports Connect FAQs.

What days of the week will be child be playing or practicing? I'd like to know before I register.

It depends on the program your child is enrolled in, as well as other variables like the coach's intended schedule. We will post a rough guideline of days and times by Division when the High Level schedule is available. 

Does my child have tryouts?

There is a mandatory clinic for Minor and Major Baseball Players only, all players Little League Age 9 through Little League Age 12 and for Players Little League Age 8 who would like to be considered for the Minor Division. Softball divisions have decided that they will conduct the drafts without the mandatory clinic.

May I request my child to be on a specific team or with specific friends/family?

For upper divisions, teams are created to be well balanced, competitive teams so request traditionally can not be honored. For the younger divisions, you may request placement with another player or coach and we will try to accommodate the request but we can not guarantee it.

During player registration, there is a section which includes forms/data discussing Residency & School Attendance.  Do you have to complete the Residency & School Attendance Eligibility Requirements (form uploads) to complete registration? 

As part of our new technology platform, Little League has added this question to the registration form. You can ignore it and not respond to it. We do all of our residency verification at the end of registration right before the season starts. 

What uniforms does my child receive?

Uniforms are included as part of registration fee. A player will receive a jersey, baseball pants, socks and a hat or visor. This year the following divisions will be outfitted with MLB jerseys: Tball, Instructional Baseball, Minor Baseball,  Major Baseball, Intermediate Baseball and Senior Baseball. Softball division have requested softball jerseys and not to use the MLB jerseys.


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