Our Staff

Cornwall Little League 2022 Board of Directors
Executive Board
President Lynn Beesecker
Past-President John Carnright
Vice-President/Player Agent Baseball Mike Anderson
Vice-President/Player Agent Softball Mike Ferraro
Secretary Joelle Anderson
Treasurer Tom Muhlfeld
Safety Officer Geoff Gold
Information Officer Dede Smith
Umpire-in-Chief Jim Schilling
Directors and Representatives
Director- Tee Ball Bob Lynch
Representative- Tee Ball (open)
Representative- Tee Ball (open)
Director- Senior Softball Brian Ferraro
Representative- Senior Softball Dawn Hogan
Director- Major Softball Mike Ferraro
Representative- Major Softball (open)
Director Minor Softball Tom Fanning
Representative- Minor Softball Andrea Merrill
Director Instructional Softball Heather Hartwig
Representative- Instructional Softball (open)
Director- Senior/Junior Baseball Howard Lane
Representative- Senior/Junior Baseball John Furst
Director- Intermediate Baseball Geoff Gold
Representative- Intermediate Baseball Greg Shaw
Director- Major Baseball Jim Cosgrove
Representative- Major Baseball Sean Mahon
Representative- Major Baseball Tom Muhlfeld
Director- Minor Baseball Drew Van Dam
Representative- Minor Baseball Justin Triassi
Director- Instructional Baseball James Boehm
Representative- Instructional Baseball Drew Van Dam
Managers, Coordinators and Supervisors
Equipment Manager (2) (open)
Equipment Manager Dede Smith
Concession Manager (2) Erin Cosgrove
Concession Manager Joelle Anderson
Sponsorship Coordinator Bob Lynch
Coaching Coordinator (5) Dave Carnright
Coaching Coordinator Tom Fanning
Coaching Coordinator Kedeem Octave
Coaching Coordinator Stephen Octave
Coaching Coordinator (open)
Field Maintenance Supervisor (2) Sean Watts
Field Maintenance Supervisor Kevin Brady

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